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Block Ice

"Ice is the most important tool a bartender has, almost all of our other tools are made to manipulate it.  Knowing how to use it is paramount in making great cocktails."

“If you are going to work with block ice you need to be working with clear ice or you are just wasting time and effort. In the 19th century ice was frozen in large ponds and cut out, the directional freezing allowed for perfectly clear ice unlike the cloudy ice that comes out of your trays at home. Why is clear ice important? It melts about five times slower than ice with air trapped in it, this will keep your drink consistent longer and minimize the pool of watery booze and citrus at the bottom of your glass. Back in the day all ice bartenders used started as a block and it was up to the individual and their ice tools to create smaller, usable chunks and shavings for mixing.” view full article

Bar Blocks

Here at Eskimo Ice, we supply Bar Blocks 50x25x23cm (27kg’s) which are easily managed should you wish to use them for chipping, rough chunks of ice or even to cut down to smaller pieces.

Chipped ice for cocktails provides that extra WOW to your drinks! Or if you fancy doing some Japanese ice ball carvings, this crystal clear ice block is perfect!

Or if you really don’t have the time to chop down blocks, why not just order the custom size ice from us?! Check out our crystal clear range of DELUXE ICE balls, rocks, cubes, logo cubes, etc.

We have created special wooden drainage trays for ice blocks.  For further information on custom made trays, blocks, or other crystal clear ice products, please contact

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell the carving tools but can assist you in purchasing them.

Carving Ice Blocks

Carving Ice Blocks weigh 120kg’s and are approximately 100cm x 50cm x 25cm. Single blocks are available for purchase and pallet orders of 8 blocks qualify for discounted rate. Delivery charges apply.

These crystal clear blocks are ideal for sculpting or displays. For further information, please contact



Block Ice