Eskimo Ice
ice blocks

 Eskimo Ice Blocks are supplied in two types: Bar Blocks and Carving Blocks.

The Fine Art of Ice Sculpting

Ice is the most important tool a bartender has, almost all of our other tools are made to manipulate it. Knowing how to use it is paramount in making great cocktails.


The Eskimo Ice Blocks are easy to manage should you wish to use them for chipping, rough chunks of ice or even to cut down to smaller pieces. Chipped ice for cocktails provides that extra WOW to your drinks.

The Eskimo Ice Blocks are manufactured in our modern facility in Crawley, West Sussex, ranked as Europe's most innovative ice plant. They're made using only purified and UV filtered water, ensuring the safest, clearest, most hygienic ice available on the market.


Bar Blocks

  • Crystal clear blocks

  • Size: 50cm x 25cm x 23cm

  • Weight: 27 kg

  • Use them for chipping, rough chunks of ice or to cut down to smaller pieces.

  • If you fancy doing some Japanese ice ball carvings, this crystal clear ice block is perfect!

Carving Blocks

  • Crystal clear large carving blocks

  • Size: 100cm x 50cm x 25cm

  • Weight: 120 kg

  • Ideal for sculpting or displays 

  • Single blocks are available for purchase and pallet orders of 8 blocks qualify for discounted rate

  • Delivery charges apply

Block Trays & Tools

We supply special wooden drainage trays for ice blocks:

  • Size:
    external: 58 x 32 x 8 cm internal:  53cm x 27 cm

We also supply finest quality Japanese ice carving tools:

  • Ice Saw (30cm)

  • Ice Carving Knife

  • Ice Pick

  • Pitchfork Ice Pick